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If you were sick or injured and couldn't work, what would happen to your income or your business cashflow?

In your working life, there's an 18% chance your income will stop for 6 months or more because of illness or injury. We are Insurance Brokers who offer full Medical, Health and Disability planning for people and businesses.

We create your ideal plan based on:

  • The income you & your family need to support your lifestyle, or
  • The cash flow your business would need too keep going if you couldn't be there

Already Insured? Are you certain you have the cover you need? Don't wait until claim time to find out. Find out now if your cover is right for you.

Think ACC has you covered?

  • ACC helps if you're injured, but accidents make up only 16% of disablements
  • The National Sickness Benefit pays only about $250 dollars per week
  • This is unlikely to be enough to support your lifestyle!

“I’m really happy that I went through Insurance Online for both my personal and business insurance. Tina was fantastic! She answered all my questions,... more